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Working Equitation

Working Equitation

Why Choose Us

Nicole’s experience  to improve your riding skills

Visit the Lusitanos Academy and benefit from Nicole’s experience to develop and improve your riding skills.

Ride a working equestrian obstacle course.

Learn to ride with the reins in one hand and the stick (garrocha) in the other.

Led by Nicole, with her watchful eye, the student is taught exercises and gymnastics with poles and pylons at all paces, with a focus on coordination, straightening, balance and activation of the hindquarters – the essential basis for the emerging discipline of Working Equitation.

The Lusitanos Academy offers international clinics, teaching all levels of riding ability and all breeds of horse. The focus is on dressage, working equitation and classical handwork as required.

Our goal is to create balance and harmony.

All visits can be tailored to your needs, depending on the rider’s ability, endurance and areas that need improvement.